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The Company


Located in Morteau since 1973, the brand has kept its original building, although it has been extended; much work has also been necessary for the installation of an Haute Horlogerie Laboratory and the creation of ultramodern production workshops.

The company currently employees around 50 people, and incorporâtes

  • 2 production workshops,

  • an R&D department,

  • Quality Control,

  • After-Sales,

  • And tthe Marketing and Sales Administration departments.


Entirely dedicated to research and development of the Calibre Royal®, Pequignet has an Haute Horlogerie laboratory incorporated into the company’s headquarters in Morteau.

Under the management of Huy Van Tran, Designed/Head of R&D, this laboratory is fitted with the latest and most powerful equipment: Variocouple instrument, Binoculars with exposures to 100,000th, 3D optical testing…

The 318 components of the Calibre Royal® are subject to a strict quality control using a state-of-the-art technical system.