Gold Attitude

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Thanks to one of our 100 « Attitude » pieces limited edition of numbered gold version and equipped with our brand new Pequignet movement “Initial”

Limited edition of 100 watches Gold Attitude

A combination of values

Limited edition of 100 pieces, Attitude by Pequignet is an exceptional watch equipped with the new movement named Initial.

More than a watch, Attitude by Pequignet is a combination of values, it is excellence at right price, its French savoir-faire for the most enthusiast, it an unseen movement we invite you to be part of.

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Pequignet supports handcraft and mass of innovation. We are proud to contribute to keep things moving within French watchmaking handcraft market while being independent.

This Initial movement is a new start within the watchmaking industry, focusing particularly on French Haute Horlogerie. Initial is the first movement of a series of new products combining handcraft, technical nature and French savoir-faire.

Gold Attitude

9061325 CG

Gold limited edition

It is a new range, a new and more modern case, a new in-house movement. Pequignet rise to an industrial challenge to promote French production. This limited edition will have a hand-painted unique number.

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