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A quality
after-sale service

At Pequignet, our highly qualified watchmakers are at your service to provide you the best services. The precision and quality of a movement depends on the care of the component execution. For this reason, the Pequignet workshops located in Morteau in France are equipped with high-end tools and machines to carry out the very meticulous tasks. Our customer service is our first priority, that is why we do our best to satisfy every request.


Description of the tasks

Before starting any work for restoration, complete review or simple repair, we send to the customer a detailed quotation established by the workshop manager. This simple maintenance service systematically offers the change of battery on a quartz watch or the adjustment of the movement on the mechanical and automatic watch. After the quotation is accepted, these operations will be carried out by our highly qualified watchmakers trained according to our brand quality charter.

Our repairs packages do not include the changes of wear parts such as an electronic circuit, a glass, a crown or screws for example. However, the change of gaskets for the water resistance of the products or for the battery are included in the packages.

Each repair accomplished at Pequignet Manufacture will give your watch an extra one-year warranty on the work done.

Conditions for returning a watch

All items must be correctly packaged into an appropriate box or letter for a better protection during the transport.

Moreover, we highly recommend to send back the products with companies offering tracking possibilities to be able to follow the different steps of the transport.

Pieces under warranty would be taken into account only if a copy of the invoice and the warranty cards are joined to the products in the package. Obviously, any impact, accident or misuse are not taken into account for the warranty.

Once the repairs are completed, your watch will be returned in a Pequignet package specially designed to protect your watch or jewel. For individuals, work will be done upon receipt of an advance payment.


The Pequignet guarantee

Your Pequignet watch is guaranteed 2 years after sale for any manufacturing defect, under normal conditions of use, and our jewelry is also guaranteed 2 years. You can get an extra one-year warranty by filling the link below :