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Customisation Service

Because some moments of your life deserve to be immortalized, Pequignet Manufacture offers a customization service: the engraving of your timepiece or your jewel.

To make your time-keeper unique and to reflect the image of its lucky owner, our watchmakers undertake to give them a personality by offering a custom laser engraving according to your wishes and to fulfill any requirement (depending on the space available on the caseback).

Make your Pequignet timepiece or jewel unique making each piece exclusive to wear, to offer or to transmit.

Timeless watches and jewelry

A luxury watch or jewel must last. It must first survive the whims of fashion, luxury is a symbol of timelessness. A watch must therefore resist the aggressions of time: sapphire crystal, gold and watchmaking steel, screw case back or screwed; each component, if not completely unalterable, can always be revived or replaced so that a Pequignet watch can be to each of us eternal. But beyond the craft and techniques of the designer watchmaker, remains a part of mystery and magic that surrounds a collection, beautiful, timeless and different.